10 Amazing Short Stories in English for Kids

If you’re looking for ways to improve your English skills, there’s no better way than through short stories written in English—no matter what your age. Short stories help you practice language and grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, reading speed, and attention to detail (even if you don’t realize it).

They also allow you to explore literature in a fun and easy-to-follow way. Here are 10 amazing short stories in English that are perfect for kids of all ages.

10 Amazing Short Stories in English for Kids
10 Amazing Short Stories in English for Kids

The List of 10 Amazing Short Stories in English for Kids

1) In The Dark (easy, age-6+)

It was a dark, moonless night. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of crickets chirping. All of a sudden, there was a loud noise. It sounded like something had crashed into the house! Emma was so scared that she hid under her bed covers. Then she heard footsteps coming towards her room…

2) The Secret of the Yellow Pearls (easy, age 6+)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who found a pearl in an oyster. The next day, she found another one. And the next day, she found two more! She was so excited that she showed her mom. But when they went back to the spot where she found them, there were no more pearls to be found.

The little girl was so sad that she didn’t know what to do. But then she had an idea. She went back to the oyster farm and asked the farmer if she could have some of his pearls. The farmer said yes, and the little girl was so happy! She went home and showed her mom her new pearls.

3) Alice Found a Way (medium, age 7+)

When Alice’s parents accidentally go on vacation and leave her behind, she has to find a way to get to them. She comes up with a plan and it works!

Now Alice is living on an island, having adventures all day long! Sometimes she misses her old life, but most of the time she loves where she is now.

4) My New Job (easy, age 7+)

I’m so excited to start my new job today! I’m going to be a cashier at the grocery store. I’ll get to help people all day and ring up their groceries. I can’t wait to see all of the different people that come into the store. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and make some new friends too.

5) Lost – Missing? (medium, age 8+)

When Jimmy woke up last Saturday, his mom was not in the house. She had left a note saying she had gone to the store and would be back soon. Jimmy waited and waited, but she never came back. He began to worry and feel scared.

What if something happened to her? Just then, he heard a car pull up outside. He ran to the window and saw that it was his mom! He was so happy and relieved that she was okay.

6) I Saw an Alien (easy, age 8+)

I was sitting in my room when I saw something strange outside my window. It was a UFO! I went outside to get a closer look and saw an alien getting out of the spaceship.

The alien saw me and started to chase me. I ran as fast as I could back into my house. I was so scared that I hid under my bed.

Then I heard the alien say, I come in peace. I slowly came out from under my bed and saw that the alien was gone.

7) Grandpa’s Surprise (easy, age 9+)

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tommy who lived with his grandpa. Tommy loved spending time with his grandpa, especially when he would tell him stories.

One day, Tommy’s grandpa told him that he had a surprise for him. When Tommy asked what it was, his grandpa said that he would have to wait and see. The next day, Tommy’s grandpa took him to the zoo!

8) Yummy Food (medium, age 9+)

Food is an important part of our lives. It’s something we need to survive, but it’s also so much more than that. Food can be a source of comfort, a way to show love, and a source of pleasure.

It’s no wonder that some of our favorite stories revolve around food! Here are 10 amazing short stories in English for kids, all about food.

9) Bad Day at School (medium, age 10+)

It was a bad day at school. Timmy got detention for throwing a paper airplane in class, his best friend was out sick, and he failed his math test. On the way home, Timmy’s mom forgot to pick him up from soccer practice.

When he finally got home, Timmy had to take a time-out. He was so mad that he went to his room and slammed the door.

10) A Walk in the Park (very easy, very short, all ages)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to go on walks in the park. Every day, she would walk to the park and explore. She loved the smell of the flowers and the feel of the grass on her feet.

One day, she saw a rabbit and followed it into the woods. She got lost, but eventually found her way back home. She was never afraid of getting lost again because she knew that she could always find her way home.

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