A King’s Short Love Story

A short love story about a king and his princess. A king falls in love with the beautiful princess of another kingdom, but his father refuses to give them their blessing to be married and tries to stop them from seeing each other.

However, one day the king’s father passes away, and he assumes the throne…or does he? You’ll have to read on to find out what happens next! (Spoiler alert: they get married and are very happy together.) 🙂

Once Upon a Time | A King’s Short Love Story

If there’s one thing that movies and TV shows have taught us, it’s that a well-crafted story begins with Once upon a time. The first sentence of any good work of fiction is also a highly effective way to kick off a memo, as it helps everyone set their mind in story mode—prepping them for what follows.

A King's Short Love Story
A King’s Short Love Story

There are exceptions to every rule, but for most professional writing purposes Once upon a time is an especially safe way to begin your next piece of written communication. It won’t steer you wrong. And if it does? Well, at least you now know how awesome Once Upon A Time was/is.

Part 1 – The Wedding

A king went to church in order to get married. He really loves a girl and he likes her very much. They were talking to each other and having a good time. The wedding was held in one of the churches in Athens, Greece because they are both citizens of that country.

Everyone was invited, even their family and friends from all over Europe and America. The atmosphere was great! It was a sunny day but with a slight wind blowing through everyone’s hair.

Part 2 – The Troubles

Long ago, a man fell in love with a beautiful girl. She was sweet and caring, but he did not feel worthy of her. In a final attempt to win her hand, he sold his prized possessions—a diamond necklace, a golden ring, an emerald bracelet—and bought some magic beans from a wizard.

The wizard told him that by planting them and cultivating them properly in good soil, they would grow into a fine beanstalk that would take him to his beloved’s castle high above.

Part 3 – The Discovery

A king lived in a kingdom. He was about to get married, but he secretly fell in love with a girl who lived on a farm. The king proposed to her and she said yes. They were both young and hadn’t known each other long, so they weren’t sure how well their relationship would last after marriage, but they wanted to give it a try anyway.

After their wedding, they found out that they had more common interests than they originally thought! But as time went by, they grew apart and began to see each other less often. A few years later, a war broke out in their country and everyone had to fight for their lives.

The king told his wife that he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore because of his responsibilities as a leader of his people. She understood him completely and wished him luck during battle. Many months passed without any word from him; finally one day a messenger came into town announcing victory over their enemies.

Everyone rejoiced except for one person: the queen. She knew what it meant when there was no word from her husband: he was dead…

Part 4 – The Journey Home

The last segment of the seminar is a discussion about how to get your book published, writing goals, and professional development. Following is a copy of my notes from that part of my notes A publishing company will be able to market your book for you, but they will not be able to write it for you.

They can only publish what you give them. The publisher may also have a different idea about what makes a good story than you do because their audience may be different than yours.

If you want a story that only appeals to readers in your genre then it might make sense for you to self-publish using Amazon or other online sites like iBooks or Nook.

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