Close Encounters of the Scary Kind: A Short Horror Story

A Short Horror Story: When she saw the red lines on the sonogram, Megan knew there was something wrong with her baby. The doctor confirmed her fears and told her it was unlikely to survive until birth, but that he could try to stop the pregnancy before it progressed too far and allowed her to go into labor and deliver the baby early.

But, he warned, the chances of survival were slim and if Megan wanted him to stop the pregnancy and perform an abortion, she’d have to do it soon. There was just one problem: Megan wasn’t ready to make such a life-altering decision.

Last October I went on a trip with my friends

one of them had rented a cabin in West Virginia. It was a beautiful place, but there was something slightly odd about it. It felt like no one had been there for a long time – like nothing was kept up and everything was just left as is, but still new.

A Short Horror Story
A Short Horror Story

The whole thing was very creepy, and we all felt uneasy there, even though it looked great on paper. Of course, we stayed anyway…we were (young) adults!

My friends headed up the stairs | A Short Horror Story

C’mon, let’s get going. This hallway is creepy. And I don’t like it when it gets dark outside. Makes me feel all… weird. Like something bad is going to happen. He slowed down and reluctantly turned around to look at me once he realized I wasn’t following him. What are you doing? We have a curfew, remember?

If we don’t leave now, we won’t make it back in time. I know that! But…I just can’t help but think there might be something up here that we should check out. You know what they say about things that go bump in the night…

I decided to stay downstairs and cuddle up next to my new boyfriend

my sleeping bag. We’d only been dating for a few weeks, but I knew it was something special. He didn’t care that I had to go up to my room to study or take naps or whatever; in fact, he encouraged me to do those things and even got little gifts for me when I did them.

I thought He was so nice. He laid down next to me and pulled up his covers. I turned off my little light, let out a huge sigh, and snuggled in deeper into my cocoon of blankets and pillows and love.

Then, from out of nowhere, we heard piercing screams

Here they come! Run! Run for your lives! My heart leaped into my throat and my head felt like it was going to explode. The screams got louder and louder as I turned back to face my girlfriend, but she wasn’t there anymore.

I looked up and down in a panic, trying to make sense of what was happening. The screaming stopped abruptly, replaced by a sickening silence. I thought maybe it had all been a bad dream until I realized that chunks of yellow foam were dripping down from above me…

We jumped out of our seats and ran upstairs

we couldn’t bear to look as he carved a hole in his chest and pulled out his organs, piece by bloody piece. As we reached our rooms, a loud bang came from downstairs and we raced down to see what was happening.

My mother was slumped against the wall with blood coming from her mouth; she was dead. Next to her was my father with a bullet hole through his head – I lost it at that point and ran upstairs screaming.

We found all my friends standing around Emily

they were all shouting at once, but I could only hear her. Her voice stood out above everything else, that and the wailing sound she was making. She tried to stand but went down on her knees again as soon as she tried to put weight on her feet.

She looked up at me with wide eyes; I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so helpless before.

She was hysterically pointing at an empty corner

I saw it, I saw it! she said. It was right there, in that corner. The woman herself looked pale and scared out of her wits, but those were exactly her eyes that I noticed first—wide open, staring ahead with a creepy gaze.

After all these years I still think about them now and then when I have trouble falling asleep… or when something scares me for real.

Nothing was there – just some old posters

The room was pitch black, only illuminated by a small light coming from a corridor. I felt my way around until I found what looked like an old projector screen.

As I moved to go around it, something grabbed me and pulled me back. The next thing I knew, they were dragging me away into another room.

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