Horror Short Stories That Are Better Than Most Scary Movies

Are you a horror movie fan? Maybe you’ve been trying to find something that comes close to the thrill of finding something scary on the big screen in the middle of the night.

Or maybe you just want to take a break from slasher films and check out some unique stories from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, H.P Lovecraft, and Stephen King; regardless of what brings you here, it’s certainly worth your time to read through this list of horror short stories that are better than most scary movies that Hollywood has churned out over the years!

Halloween horror stories:

There are very few people who don’t like a good scary story. They say that a good horror story helps you confront your fears and gives you an outlet for being scared of things that you can’t be truly scared of, like dead bodies and blood.

Horror Short Stories
Horror Short Stories

They also say horror stories help us connect with other people by relating to what they have seen or heard in their own lives. Finally, horror stories give us something entertaining to do on cold autumn nights when we want to stay inside instead of going out trick-or-treating or telling scary stories around a campfire.

The following list is full of short horror stories that will keep your heart pounding throughout October, no matter what holiday it is!

Creepy horror short stories that will scare the hell out of you

a collection of short scary stories that will make you wonder if they’re true or not. If you like horror movies but aren’t quite brave enough to see a horror movie in theatres, here’s a book you need to read.

Nothing beats reading a well-written tale of terror, sitting in your favorite chair with some snacks close by. Short story collections are great for those times when there’s nothing on TV and you don’t want to read an entire novel. And remember, short story collections are perfect for airplane trips too!

After all, there’s no better way to pass travel time than with a few good reads. So sit back and prepare yourself because these creepy horror short stories will scare the hell out of you… Trust me!

Very short scary stories | Horror Short Stories

If you’re looking for scary stories that can be read in one sitting and that are guaranteed to keep you up at night, then very short scary stories are what you’re after.

Short horror stories can be even more intense than long scary novels because they pack so much punch into such a short amount of space. If a writer knows how to build suspense, there’s no need for 350 pages of backstory or character development—

they know their goal is to frighten readers and give them nightmares. With that in mind, here’s a collection of some of my favorite very short scary stories with a dark twist at the end!

Supernatural, sci-fi, and gothic horrors that will give you goosebumps

Writers have always had a fascination with horror and there is no short of tales that are sure to give you goosebumps. While these stories may be short, they pack a lot of punch in terms of scary imagery and storyline. The scariest part? You can read them all in under an hour!

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