A Magic Story in English: The Whimsical Wonder of Fairy Tales

If you’re looking for something whimsical and magical to read while learning English, A Magic Story in English might be just the right thing! The book describes the history of fairy tales, as well as their connection with magic, nature, and humans.

That’s right – the book itself is one big fairy tale! You can read it on your own or have it read to you by your child, nanny, or special educator. And if you or your family members are interested in magic, this children’s book can definitely take you down that path!

Magic Story in English
Magic Story in English

Fairytale Origins

It’s unclear where fairy tales came from, but many scholars speculate that they began as bedtime stories told to children by their parents. These early versions (often extremely violent) often included actual magic and other fantastical elements. Today, it is still common for parents to tell fairy tales to their children before bed.

Where do fairies live?

It’s no secret that fairies live in forests. There are many different kinds of fairy tales, with their own unique characters and settings, but one thing they all have in common is a connection to nature. These magical creatures come from magical lands and use their magic for good deeds. Where do fairies live? In forests, obviously!

Fairies’ appearance

Fairies are typically depicted as very small humanoids with supernatural powers and a penchant for trickery. Sometimes, fairies are said to be invisible to adults, but visible to children; other times, they appear as normal humans.

How old-fashioned (and creepy) it must have been when tiny beings with wings and magic traveled around us every day—before we realized we couldn’t see them!

Fairies and the natural world

It’s easy to forget that, as enchanting as these fairy tales can be, they sprang from an interest in and connection with nature. Through these stories about magical creatures, writers taught children about a fantastical world that did exist—the natural world. At some point during their creation, fairy tales began to be referred to as fairy stories, indicating just how well these stories captured imaginations.

Fairy tale creatures from other cultures

It’s easy to think of fairies as part of European folklore, but their story comes from many different cultures and beliefs. Fairies come from a variety of myths and oral stories that date back centuries; they are related to similar creatures found throughout Africa, Asia, and Australia. The idea is based on archetypes—which means fairies have been around longer than we realize!

How fairies interact with people

In some stories, fairies also like to interact with people. They may bring good luck and grant wishes to those who are kind to them. If you keep your eyes open, it’s even possible to catch a glimpse of a fairy!


Most people don’t know that fairy tales is a literal translation of Märchen, which is a German word. German scholars coined it due to similarities between folk stories and fairy tales. In both types of stories, magical creatures are common—as are themes like justice, love, growth, trust, and friendship.

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