The Bedtime Story That Will Give Your Kids Sweet Dreams

There are tons of bedtime stories in the world, but some are better than others. As you read this article, you’ll learn about a bedtime story that’s sure to help your kids sleep sweetly and peacefully every night.

Where every story begins | bedtime Story

Even Cinderella had a beginning, and all of our favorite fairy tales have an origin. If you’re looking for inspiration for your children’s bedtime story, look no further than classics like The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan.

Bedtime Story
Bedtime Story

In these stories, you will find lots of action and adventure, making them particularly well-suited to get kids excited about their day ahead (and tired enough to sleep well once they hit their pillow).

A boy who was afraid of the dark

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was afraid of monsters under his bed. He would try to sleep but fear kept him up all night long, and nothing could convince him that no monster could possibly fit under his small bed.

His parents tried to comfort him by saying that there were no such things as monsters and, in fact, he probably wouldn’t be able to fit either. But still, he couldn’t seem to get any sleep.

He meets an old man on his way home

one of two things happens next. If you give him a kiss, he’ll keep going and make it to his final destination; if you simply wish him goodnight, he’ll turn around and return home to tell you a bedtime story about kings. Do not be surprised if your kids want you to read them that very same story every night.

And he brings them home to meet his parents

Never throw one of your own children under a bus. Even if you’re just looking for a good bedtime story to tell your kids. Especially if you’re just looking for a good bedtime story to tell your kids. Just don’t ever do it.

They have dinner and time passes quickly

In no time, it’s bedtime and your kids are arguing over which story to read. Fortunately, you’ve got a trick up your sleeve. You whisper to them that it’s actually a bedtime story for kings—and then skip to about halfway through.

It starts with a beautiful princess lost in a land of magical talking animals who must travel across seven kingdoms and face many dangers before finally falling asleep in her prince’s arms. The End.

But what happens when they can’t sleep?

It’s bad enough when they stay up late watching TV, but what if your kids can’t fall asleep at bedtime? It may seem like it isn’t much you can do about it, but just because there isn’t an obvious solution doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Start with their room; make sure it is cool and dark. Have them get some exercise before bed, which will tire them out physically. Make sure they aren’t wired on caffeine or sugar (and that they’re not going to have too many hours of homework waiting for them once they get up in the morning).

If all else fails, a little distraction may be enough to send them off to dreamland.

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