The Real Story of Cinderella: A Fairy Tale for Kids

Did you know that the Cinderella you hear about at school and read about in books isn’t really the true story? It’s not even a complete or accurate version of the original story!

The Real Story of Cinderella

In this article, we take you back to where it all began and tell you the real story of Cinderella—the first Cinderella story ever told.

The Real Story of Cinderella
The Real Story of Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was an orphan girl

This is a true story. In the 16th century France, there was a young girl named Marie. She was an orphan and worked as a servant in her own home, tending to her step-family’s needs day in and day out.

She hardly ever got any food to eat and had nothing but rags to wear—and everyone made fun of her because she was poor and ugly. The only way Marie could escape from her pain was by telling herself stories about how things would be better one day.

Her life was hard until she met her fairy godmother

Before she fell in love with Prince Charming, Cinderella lived a hard life with her mean stepmother and two nasty stepsisters. She was forced to do all their housework and had to wear old clothes and no shoes.

Then one day, she met her fairy godmother who offered to help her go to the royal ball. The fairy godmother gave her a beautiful dress, glass slippers, jewelry, and other things so that she could look as pretty as any princess at court.

At first, her stepsisters weren’t too happy about it but when they saw how pretty Cinderella looked at the ball they wanted to go too!

One day at a ball, she met the prince

Once upon a time, in a castle far away, lived an evil stepmother and her two ugly daughters. She was so mean to her husband’s daughter (Cinderella) that she made her work all day long. One day at a ball, she met a prince who fell in love with her instantly.

But when it came time to go home he left without knowing that Cinderella was there and if he had found out about it, would surely have married her!

They fell in love and married each other

Before Cinderella and Prince Charming were married, they first fell in love with each other. They knew that their parents would not allow them to marry because both of their families had been enemies for years and marrying someone from a rival family was not allowed.

But Prince Charming loved Cinderella so much that he decided to defy his parents’ wishes. He went to see Cinderella every day, by asking her stepmother’s permission (who was actually his mother)to go riding with her sisters, instead, he used that time to secretly meet up with Cinderella.

As time passed on by, Prince Charming realized that he needed to tell his parents about his relationship with Cinderella before it became too late.

And they lived happily ever after

Not all fairy tales end happily, which is why we love Cinderella. This beautiful story teaches our children that they don’t have to settle in life—and, yes, sometimes that means being a bit mean to someone who has been cruel.

The lesson we can teach our kids from Cinderella is that you mustn’t let others dictate your happiness and do everything you can to achieve it, no matter what!

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